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OSG Cloud is a high performance, secure and scalable Cloud platform that has been exclusively designed and is purpose built to run important and critical enterprise IT and applications. We guarantee to outperform your current cloud or on-prem infrastructure and offer both fixed and variable commercials, delivering the best value for money.

We offer a full spectrum of cloud delivery models, with everything from IaaS, PaaS, Private, Hybrid and Edge Cloud.  There is no one size or one delivery model that fits all.  Instead, a multi cloud operating model should be developed to ensure your applications are delivered from the best and most appropriate set of infrastructure.

Designed and built from the ground up to be fully redundant and fault tolerant – zero single points of failure across its entire service delivery chain, from hardware, through to software, network infrastructure and multiple Tier 1 transit links, connecting it directly to the Internet backbone.

Physical redundancy is built in, allowing for a minimum of N+1.  VMware’s High Availability, DRS, vMotion and Fault Tolerance capabilities, ensures we can achieve full redundancy and failover for your server environments instantly to secondary VM environments, with zero downtime and most importantly zero data loss.

We focus heavily on server environment optimisations, tuning them for the applications, user demand and workload profiles.

Contracts and SLAs are in place with our partner vendors and critical supply chain to always ensure continuity of service, with additional BC and DR measures also in place, allowing us to meet and achieve maximum levels of uptime and availability.

Because we 100% own and operate our cloud platform, we can fully stand over the integrity, security and performance of our services. 

They are exclusively under our control, and we have full granular visibility across the entire technology stack.  It is always within our remit to understand, troubleshoot and mitigate any potential issues.   We are fully responsible and accountable for all aspects of the service.

Road To Recovery

Recovery can be approached in two ways: reactively or proactively. People should plan for the worse case scenario, and be sure those plans can stand up to the test when they are needed the most.

Only you can decide how impactful or disastrous a worse case scenario might be to your business, and if it deserves a reactive or proactive response.

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Disaster Recovery As A Service

Having a disaster recovery plan for your business is essential for your business.

If you don’t yet have a suitable DR or recovery plan, or are lacking complete confidence with what you have, then get.

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Record Breaking Performance

Not all clouds are created equally.

No one size fits all. It will take a hybrid and multi cloud approach and operating model to best fit all your requirements. That may include public cloud, but most likely will incorporate specialist private and hybrid cloud platforms managed by trusted partners.

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