Belfast Telegraph Innovation Award

OSG Cloud is the proud sponsor of the Belfast Telegraph 2021 Business ‘Innovation’ Award; the category that recognises and celebrates companies which have demonstrated creative thinking and developed innovative products, solutions and services during a global crisis

Companies which focus on and invest in innovation within their industry, are always better placed to positively react to local or global events. In addition to insulating a business from the worst impact of negative events, innovative businesses are best placed to discover and develop new business opportunities and generate new competitive advantages.

For over twenty years the Outsource Group has progressed its own continuous improvement philosophy, collaborating with industry leading technology companies, to ensure that both local and international companies have access to the widest range of proven and innovative technology solutions & services which enables them to compete on a global scale.

OSG Cloud was born out of our belief that ‘the cloud’ needed a new more innovative approach to allow businesses to fully exploit the full benefits of new cloud technologies. To deliver on our approach we have partnered with the world’ leading cloud specialists (DellEMC, VMware, Veeam) and jointly designed and delivered the best performing Cloud offering and services available in the market.

OSG Cloud has been built using some of the worlds leading cloud technologies. Built on DellEMC’s hyper converged infrastructure VxRail, underpinned with VMware’s Cloud software and management tools, and using Veeam for complete recoverability, this is simply best in class, resulting in unparalleled workload performance levels and a customer experience.

We are so confident in our leading solution that we are the only cloud business which will GUARANTEE Performance, Security and Delivery Levels.

We also understand that some customers, in specific individual circumstances, may wish to retain elements of their existing cloud based services on a generic public cloud. OSG Cloud infrastructure is such that we can readily incorporate and work alongside other public cloud offerings such as Azure, AWS, Google as complementary services to deliver bespoke customer solutions.

We will work with customers to help design, support and manage their digital transformation journeys by removing barriers and complexities of cloud enablement and delivering a highly scalable, flexible and performant enterprise cloud platform for businesses across the UK and Ireland. Allowing business leaders to focus on growing their business and supporting their staff and customers.

The expert team at Outsource Group empower businesses to solve tomorrow’s problems today. They utilise the power of technology to “Make Life Better” for enterprises of all sizes, across all sectors. By providing an exceptionally high standard of managed IT and security services. They take care of customers technology needs, fully de-risking their IT, so they can focus on what is really important, their people, business and customers.

OSG Cloud gives you Performance Where You Need It. 

We are so confident that the platform will outperform whatever provider you currently use we are offering customers a money back guarantee – run a workload trial with OSG Cloud and if we don’t deliver you don’t pay.

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