Customer loyalty should be rewarded, not punished

By now, most of us will have digested Microsoft’s recent licensing / price changes.  As difficult as they can be to swallow, the fact remains that there really is limited choice, other than to simply choke it down.

Of course, it does trigger the need to review your license base and ensure you are licensing your users, devices, and services in the most cost-effective way.  Unfortunately, the outcome is always the same, and the vendor related spend keeps going up.

As a cloud service provider, we’re often stuck in the middle and typically end up being the bearer of bad news when vendors unilaterally decide to impose these charges.

However, we fully understand the bad taste that this can leave.  So instead of punishing customer loyalty, we want to reward it by not passing price increases through to our existing customers.  The rate card you have today for your cloud services, will always be your rate card.  So anytime a vendor pushes out an increase to its license costs, we will absorb those costs; essentially passing that on as a de facto discount or reward for your loyalty.

If your cloud bills are considerably more today than what you had originally planned and budgeted for, then get in touch.  We can help get your cloud costs under control and provide a guaranteed fixed price, whilst delivering better performance, for your cloud server estate.

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