Migrate, Manage, Monitor

Not many businesses have the luxury of dedicated inhouse cloud specialists to configure, manage and monitor their public cloud environments, to allow them to extract maximum performance and cost efficiencies from their current cloud provider.

Our service is designed to not only deliver market beating performance, but to provide a high standard of manged services to those businesses that do not have the time, resources, or funds to make the levels of commitment required to fully exploit cloud technologies.

We take ownership and responsibility for migrating, monitoring and managing your applications in the cloud. To date, every business that has trialled a free workload has made a business decision to partner with us and embrace a cloud operating model.  If requirements dictate specific types of cloud services, tools, reach etc, we can leverage tier 1 public cloud infrastructures and services, integrating seamlessly to deliver a truly hybrid cloud solution; allowing business to cherry pick the best bits of all the available options.

We remove price uncertainty and offer guaranteed fixed pricing, enabling businesses to understand, plan and control budgets better.

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